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EcoHPC is the trademark that characterizes the highest
and most important milestone in the treatments for coating supports for filter bags.

High temperatures

Greater resistance to high temperatures

Chemical aggression

Increased resistance to chemical aggression

Storage and transport

Increased resistance in the early storage and transport stages

Performance over time

Best performance over time


Knowledge and experience in the field of filtration of CleanAir, continuous research for new, better performing solutions has led to the development of a treatment with a low environmental impact, entirely designed for finishing and protecting of filter bag baskets.

Why HP

The treatment developed by CleanAir provides high performance to supports for filter bags and thus a longer service life, higher reliability and higher quality.

Why C

The EcoHPC process is an electroplating treatment which provides resistance and durability, ensuring constant quality in the finished product thanks to a fully automatic cycle, which is monitored in every single phase.

EcoHPC is a surface treatment developed by CleanAir

If you would like further information on the EcoHPC treatment for supports for filter bags, contact us by filling out the contact form to the side.


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The electroplating process and the evolution in EcoHPC treatment

The electroplating process is a surface treatment capable of providing the filter bags supports made of steel a high resistance to corrosion; it is characterized by the uniform deposit of an epoxy pigment paste on the surface of the element, which ensures long lasting extraordinary protection against the chemical agents and other types of attacks.

Resistance to high temperatures

EcoHPC treatment ensures an increased resistance to high temperatures compared to other treatments.

Laboratory tests show that the supports for filter bags treated with the EcoHPC method resist better and longer under conditions of high temperatures. An advantage that is immediately evident resulting from the treatment is the elimination of the stitching effect.

Resistance to chemical aggression

EcoHPC treatment increases resistance to chemical aggression of the support for filter bags.

The salt spray tests (ASTM B 117) have shown that the baskets treated with the EcoHPC method have much better resistance compared to the pre-treated and powder coated baskets, pre-galvanized baskets and electro-galvanized baskets.

Resistance during transport and storage

Given the chemical nature of the link between coverage and surface covered, EcoHPC treatment ensures a greater resistance to damage of the coating of the supports for filter bags in the handling and storage phases. The case history of our products demonstrates the lack of alteration of the technical characteristics of the coating after months of outdoor storage near the construction site.

Resistance over time and maintenance performance

The experience gained in the field has demonstrated longer duration of the performance over time of the supports for filter bags, in comparison with other treatments such as powder coating, galvanizing and electrogalvanizing.

EcoHPC: the search for greater resistance with lower environmental impact

The EcoHPC process is a surface treatment capable of giving the supports for filter bags a greater resistance to corrosion than ever before. CleanAir’s experience in this type of process comes from having been the first company to introduce the electroplating treatment into its processing cycle over three decades ago, creating an internal productive division fully dedicated to this type of processing.
The EcoHPC process has been developed for over a decade. During this process, the electroplated product is hydrodispersed and the degreasing phase is performed in a nanotechnological solution: the process is therefore characterized by a very low environmental impact. The solvent exhausted is actually a toxic and dangerous waste, while the excess paint in the EcoHPC process is fed back into circulation and reused instead of necessarily being sent to the purification phase, with the obvious advantages of removing the risk of dispersion of polluting products.

EcoHPC Treatment

EcoHPC Treatment has been used for a decade as a coating for supports for filter bags by the CleanAir Company, with excellent results in different fields: cement plants, incinerators, biomass power plants, power plants, steel mills. Many projects have been carried out using this type of coating for important customers all over the world. To view a list of references of companies that have adopted the EcoHPC treatment, contact us!

The EcoHPC coating process can withstand continuous temperatures of 240°C and eliminate the stitching effect that can occur with the supports for powder coated filter bags, thus extending the performance over time not only of the baskets, but of the bags themselves.

CleanAir has developed a plant dedicated exclusively to the creation of EcoHPC surface treatments for supports for filter bags. The treatment process is developed in six metal processing stages:



The support for sleeve filters is cleaned and degreased in different tanks with the aid of nanotechnology, in baths of water and sodium at a temperature of 50°C for about 15 minutes.


The residues are removed from the surface in two phases, soaking the supports for filter bags in tanks with demineralized water and other solutions:

– Water with ambient temperature
– Electrical conductivity <50
– 30% sodium hydroxide solution
– Hydrochloric acid


Electrolytic coating comprises:

– 10% pigment paste and epoxy resin in demineralized water
– Emulsion temperature 27/28 ° C
– Voltage supply 380 V


Final cleaning of the support for the sleeve filter with the washing coating and rinsing in different tanks for 5 minutes and a draining wash for 8 minutes.


The paint dries in an oven at 180°C for about 20 minutes.


Supports for filter bags are placed straight into the crates ready for shipment.

Would you like more information?

If you would like to receive further information on the EcoHPC treatment for supports for filter bags, contact us by filling out the contact form on the side.

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